Automizely is thrilled to introduce flexible plans designed for fast-growing online retailers. These plans have been created keeping in mind the marketing needs of large as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Shopify and Shopify plus users can easily select a plan and modify it whenever required. No matter how big or small your email list is, we have a plan for all your requirements.

Automizely is packed with free features

  • Emails: Send up to 3,000 marketing emails to 300 contacts for absolutely free
  • Conversions tools: Boost sales with Popups, Bar, Social proof, Sales boost, Inactive tabs, and Search
  • Web push: Generate leads with Campaign and Welcome notifications
  • Chats: Reduce customer friction with live chat via FB Messenger
  • Mobile app: Deliver improved shopping experience with our free mobile app (iOS & Android)

Grow with our paid plans

  • Emails: Send unlimited marketing emails
  • Flexible: Choose the number of contacts you want to pay for
  • Best prices: Get the best deal in the market

A quick summary of the 3 plans...

How do these plans help?

  • Automizely gives you the best prices you can imagine
  • Upgrade/downgrade the plan as and when you like
  • Plan better newsletters keeping the target audience in mind
  • Boost sales with smarter marketing

Go ahead and pick a plan that suits you best!