Many online retailers miss the most crucial period for building customer loyalty - after an order is placed. With the right marketing strategies, you can effectively turn first-time buyers into repeat customers even after you’ve closed a sale.

Automizely allows Shopify stores to send order follow-up emails and build a long term relationship with customers. Install the free Automizely app at Shopify and start using this powerful customer retention tool.

Why choose Automizely?

  • Send automated emails by defining customizable triggers
  • Use built-in templates and personalize them as per your store’s design
  • Add customizations like text links, link to social media profiles, product recommendations, and much more
  • Send test emails before launching a campaign
  • Win back customers who haven’t placed an order for a long time
  • Choose a plan that is best for you. No matter how big or small your email list is, we have a plan to meet all your requirements

How does it work?

Automizely provides you three built-in templates. On order follow-up emails page, click “⋯” to customize and enable a template. You can enable multiple email templates.

Emails are sent as per the trigger settings. Suppose you set the delay time as 75 days for the win-back email template. An email will be sent to customers who have placed only one order with your store for the last 75 days, since starting this flow.

Start sending order follow-up emails for free!