Burberry is a world-renowned luxury brand. It has added a lot of marketing elements to its online store and uses multiple popups to guide shoppers and increase conversions.

📊 Website Metrics

🌍Alexa ranking: #3231

🇺🇸Country: US

🏗Industry: Luxury

📆Analysis date: 2019-12-18

💻 Menu Bar

The menu bar placed at the top of Burberry's online store is simple and well-organized.

The regular categories are placed in the middle. The first and the last category: gift and sale, respectively, are smartly highlighted making them noticeable.

🛎 Popup

Burberry's online store uses popups on the following pages:

Enter any "gift" page and a guide popup window is pushed. It helps visitors find out the perfect gift!

At the bottom of each category's product page, there is a sticky bar to look for a gift.

Besides, on the gift page, a number of products are listed. On selecting any of the products, a popup opens its quick view.

Finally, when a shopper stays on an item page for more than 1 minute, or views the size and color of a product, but doesn’t add it to the shopping cart a popup “Pick up where you left off” is pushed.

It allows shoppers to add items to the shopping cart before they jump to other pages.

🔖 Sales stickers

Burberry uses sales stickers to highlight new products and collections.

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We will update more marketing activities and Popup use cases by Burberry in our upcoming blog post.

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