Forever 21 is an American fashion brand. Its marketing strategies are creative and unique. It is no surprise that it makes use of pop-ups in different shapes and designs.

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📆Analysis date: 2019-11-21

1. Know where your shoppers are located

For e-commerce shopping sites, being aware of the shopper’s geolocation is very important. It comes in handy when dealing with shoppers internationally.

Forever 21 also acknowledges this and the first time you visit the site, a pop-up is pushed asking you to confirm your geographic information.

2. Present information using pop-ups

Forever 21 homepage has a feature that is very delightful! At the top right corner, there is an “All Special Offers” option.

When you click on it an information pop-up is displayed.

It displays current offers that shoppers can avail of and there is a [+] button that gives more details about each offer.

Very unique indeed!

3. FOMO Pop-up

Before introducing this pop-up, we need to first look at how Forever 21 promoted Black Friday 2019 sale.

At the bottom of the official website, there is an option “Special Offers”.  This page gives a summary of all the live and upcoming discounts.

Forever 21's Black Friday event was divided into two parts, Pre-Black Friday and Black Friday sale.

They gave discounts before the actual Black Friday sale and pushed a promo of the actual sale.

This creates excitement amongst shoppers and encourages them to sign up to avail more offers.

So, if the sale is yet to go live you can use a pop-up to notify shoppers about the same.

4.Highlight discounts

Forever 21 highlights items that have a higher discount rate with a distinctive red tag.

These highlighted items grab the attention of shoppers.

5. Customize the inactive tab

If the user opens a different tab, Forever 21 page will be very prominent. How?

Keep reading…..

This is due to their brand color - yellow and also the tab has been customized so that the logo is displayed when it is inactive.

If the brand color and logo of your store are not noticeable you can customize the inactive tab.

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