AWAY is an American travel and lifestyle brand, with simplicity in style being its trademark.

The strategies used by AWAY to engage shoppers and increase conversions are innovative and target the right audience.

AWAY's online shopping website has done an excellent job in the following areas:

📊 Website Metrics

🌍Alexa ranking: #16223

🇺🇸Country: US

🏗Industry: Luggage

📆Analysis date: 2019-11-25

🛍A look at AWAY’s marketing strategy

1.Email subscription

AWAY does not push a Popup asking for subscription/registration as soon as the user enters the website, but has creatively placed it at the left bottom side of the menu bar with an enlarged display:

This delivers a pleasant shopping experience and ensures that shoppers are not bombarded with too many popup notifications.

2. Notification Bar

The notification bar at the top is an essential place for displaying information as it captures the attention of shoppers and is one of the best ways to promote new offers and discounts.

AWAY displays dynamic notification bars and frequently changes the content to personalize them.

3. Information Popup

AWAY does not open a new tab page to display content. Instead, on clicking the anchor point it pushes a popup with details about the product.

The dimensions and specifications of the luggage are not placed at the bottom of the page, but a central Popup is pushed to display the details.

Talking about customization, AWAY also provides information about the luggage size requirements for various airlines. Very thoughtful indeed!

You can further request for suggestions with a Help me choose popup at the bottom of the product page

4. Check-Out Popup

AWAY's shopping cart is exceptional😍.  It opens up as a side panel on the web page.

You can continue shopping while checking the cart as it does not take you to a different page. If the cart is empty a side panel on the right side will present some product recommendations.

After adding a product the side Popup will be updated and add another new recommended product.

5. Social Proof

AWAY's product pages are designed beautifully and are well tailored.concise. With product details being pushed through a popup. It utilizes the product page to display social proofs.

(To get to know more about social proofs check our blog: New feature: Social Proof & FOMO Popup

As a new fashion brand AWAY recognizes the importance of social communication and positive feedback from shoppers.

It requests shoppers to leave comments about their shopping experience and support sharing with SNS platforms.

Also, there is an option that encourages shoppers to share links with friends via email.

In terms of Social Proof, AWAY it has done an excellent job.

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