If you’ve been researching email marketing automation tools for a while, then you know how important email marketing is as an effective tool for reaching customers and boosting sales. When it comes to holiday email marketing, the stats show that email campaigns can produce impressive returns—email ROI is an average $36 for every $1 spent. Email marketing is one of the greatest tools available to marketers, and it’s no wonder that email campaigns continue to be a popular way for businesses to engage their customers. Holiday email marketing stats, in particular, are incredibly important in understanding just how important your email marketing campaign is for your business.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into email marketing stats, offering insights and advice on how you can use Automizely to leverage holiday email campaigns to boost your business’s bottom line. Keep reading to learn more about email marketing stats and what they mean for your business.

Segmented campaigns result in a 760% increase in revenue

Email campaigns with segmentation can result in an impressive 760% increase in revenue compared to non-segmented email campaigns. During the holidays, customers constantly receive email marketing messages in their inboxes. If you’re sending out holiday email marketing messages, it pays off to segment those campaigns according to customer data. Segmenting email campaigns according to customer preferences, location, purchase history, and more allows you to target your emails with greater accuracy to improve customer engagement and maximize revenue.

Geographic segmentation is shown in W&P's email promoting their cocktail and bar products. Cocktails are not a drink exclusive to a season; however, W&P has made their product relevant by suggesting winter cocktail recipes to subscribers living in colder conditions.

W&P sent an email promoting their cocktail and bar products to subscribers living in colder areas.

Knowing key information about your customers is important to successfully implement segmentation this holiday season. If you segment your customers by location, you can send a list of must-have Christmas gifts based on where your customers live.

Automizely can do the same with its contact management feature by providing you with a 360° view of your customers. It extracts information crucial to understanding who your clients are and what they're looking for in your business. Automizely's powerful email segmentation capabilities allow you to easily target email campaigns based on customers’ demographics and behaviors. You can segment email campaigns based on various criteria—from purchase history and shopping habits to demographics and geography. It also allows you to automate trigger emails like post-purchase follow-ups or abandoned cart reminders which are crucial in boosting your business' revenue. You can make sure that your email campaigns are reaching the right audiences with carefully tailored messages that will be the most effective.

Only 30% of businesses personalize their emails, despite personalization delivering 6x transaction rates

Personalizing email campaigns is essential for boosting customer engagement and driving sales. Yet, only 30% of companies take advantage of the benefits of personalization. Personalized emails are created using subscriber data and insights, allowing businesses to craft messages that are tailored to each customer. Personalization can be as simple as addressing the email recipient by name or including dynamic content that is directed to the customer’s preferences. Personalization is key to making your business stand out during the holidays, especially if your subscribers’ inbox is filled with holiday marketing emails that relay generic messages.

Product recommendations are one of the most effective strategies that email marketers use to personalize email campaigns. Salesforce found that product recommendations makeup 26% of total revenue and result in a 10% increase in average order value (AOV). When sending out product recommendations, you want to ensure that your email campaign features recommendations for relevant products to your customers. Otherwise, you risk them becoming frustrated with irrelevant content.

During the holidays, customers appreciate receiving product recommendations through a gift guide. Gift guides simplify your customers’ decision-making while encouraging them to click through your website’s product offering. As a result of including gift guides in your holiday email marketing campaign, you can be sure to see a boost in both your engagement and email conversion rates.

With its AI-driven system, Automizely can enhance your email campaigns by creating accurate product recommendations that your customers are bound to enjoy. By integrating your business' best-selling products with the customers' own recently viewed product history, Automizely constructs email campaigns that aim to maximize your business' sales.

On top of the revenue potential of personalized email marketing, customers appreciate when your business pays attention to their interests—91% percent of customers are more likely to shop from brands that provide relevant product recommendations.

You can take advantage of the gap in personalized email marketing by using Automizely to add relevant product recommendations to your holiday marketing campaign.

Mobile accounts for more than 55% of email opens

Mobile has become the primary device where over 1.7 billion users opt to check their emails. As more than 55% of customers open emails through a mobile device, you must optimize your email marketing strategy so that your content and CTAs can be read in a mobile format.

Mobile email design requires a different approach than desktop email design. For example, the email content should be concise—long blocks of text can be difficult to read on a mobile device. The email also needs to include a larger-than-normal font size and should be accessible with the swipe of a thumb. It should also use attention-grabbing media that highlights your email messages.

If your email marketing campaign is not yet optimized for mobile viewing, you risk hindering sales and engagement rates from customers who look at your email messages on devices like smartphones and tablets. With over 65% of customers planning to make purchases online this holiday season, it’s important to take advantage of mobile optimization in order to boost engagement and drive sales.

Almost 70% of customers leave a website without purchasing items in their cart

A vast majority—almost 70%—of online customers are likely to leave your website without making a purchase. For eCommerce brands across various industries, abandoned carts have resulted in an annual loss of $18 billion in sales revenue each year.

There are many reasons why a customer may abandon their cart. During the holidays, it is likely that customers are browsing sites to compare other brands' products and prices to yours. Cart abandonment rate statistics can be intimidating, but there are ways to mitigate potential revenue losses. You can automate emails to remind your customers of what they left behind.

Abandoned cart reminders effectively make up lost sales revenue by encouraging your customers to complete their purchases. Moosend reports that cart abandonment emails have an approximate open-rate of 43% and click-through rate of 21%, resulting in a conversion rate of 10.7%. During heightened sales and site traffic, automating your abandoned cart reminders can help ensure that you are maximizing sales with every customer interested in shopping for your products.

Take advantage of email marketing this holiday season

The holiday season is a great time to utilize email marketing campaigns to maximize revenue. Adobe Analytics reports that online holiday spending will reach $209.7 billion this year in the U.S. alone. With online holiday sales rising 20.6% year-after-year, your business must take advantage of the increasing popularity of online shopping during the holiday season.

By leveraging email marketing statistics and personalization techniques, Automizely can maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns with its AI-driven technology, helping you create automated email workflows that are custom to your business' needs. Whether your goal this season is to maximize sales, increase site traffic, attract new customers, improve conversions, or all of the above, Automizely is guaranteed to bring your business the returns you want from your email marketing campaign.

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