Levi's is a world-renowned jeans brand. Since we are always curious about the marketing methods of leading brands so we decided to explore in detail, the strategies used by Levi’s.

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🌍Alexa ranking: #5644

🇺🇸Country: US & Japan

🏗Industry: Apparel(Clothing)

📆Analysis date: 2019-11-28

In this article, there are several types of Popups used by Levi's:

  • Subscription Popup
  • Coupon Popup
  • Shopping information Popup

📫 Subscription Popup

We have selected four of Levi’s sites that use popups and compared their styles.

We browsed these websites and found that there are a lot of subscription popups on Levi’s Asia website and the design is colorful and lively.

🎟 Coupon Popup

Levi's Japan site has placed a popup at the bottom right corner of the page.

Like this

Like this:

And this:

This Popup is also a shopping guide, which acknowledges concerns that may be encountered during the purchase. Quite friendly!

And it's worth mentioning that the product listing has multiple sales stickers, such as:

🛎 Shopping information Popup

For the US site, the popups used are exceptional in two ways.

1.User guide in the lower right corner

This service guide always appears in the lower right corner. Click on it, and you will enter a virtual chat window.

Based on the keywords entered the chatbot quickly gives information that shoppers want, which is very convenient.

2. Offline store query popup

We found that Levi's online store prefers to use popups. The popup opens on the same page and also gives the address of the physical store.

Even the emails sent by Levi's are brilliant. They have creatively used "color psychology". For example, their emails look like this:

Most of the text is gray, only the word SALE is highlighted in red. This helps in promoting shoppers to check out new offers and discounts.

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