MVMT is a new but cool brand founded in 2013. It produces watches and sunglasses. Exploring the website shows that it uses pop-ups creatively in various forms and designs.

📊 Website Metrics

🌍Alexa ranking: #17686

🇺🇸Country: US

🏗Industry: Watch

📆Analysis date: 2019-11-20

Pop-up on the same page

Presenting content on a new page or a different tab affects the conversion rate.

As there are chances of visitors leaving the site, pushing pop-up on the same page plays a vital role in generating more traffic.

MVMT successfully uses this strategy on its website —Shop on Insta.

This page simply displays various products. When a shopper clicks on one of them, the details page is presented.

This technique greatly improves the conversion rate.

The logic for this page jumping is correct and smart.

Side panel as a pop-up

MYMT has set up a search bar as a side panel.

It makes full use of the search pop-up and utilizes it to improve conversion rate.

It also added a "popular search":

📌 Use it to search for keywords or

📌 Search for Bestsellers

💯 Membership points to encourage sharing

MVMT's strategy to encourage sharing is simple but smart.

After signing up, the page shows how many points are in the shopper’s account and how to get more points.

They also use unique links to encourage the sharing of product pages. Both the person sharing and the person being shared with can earn membership points😍.

On the top left, membership points are displayed.  As it is highlighted, shoppers would want to click on it. However, it is not an action button.

It would have been better if it opened up as a pop-up, which can further increase the conversion rate.

MVMT was acquired by Movado, so we checked Movado's website. Observation tells that the page styles of the two sites are different. Below is the homepage of Movado.

One of the shortcomings is, it has a feedback pop-up in the lower-left corner. Also, the form cannot be closed even if it has been successfully filled out.

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