Automizely just supported WooCommerce. If you store runs on WooCommerce, you can use Automizely for free to boost sales - the all-in-one sales and marketing tool designed for fast-growing WooCommerce and wordpress stores.

How it works

You can simply sign up free at Automizely. Once you connect your WooCommerce store with Automizely, you can enjoy following three free features (we are adding more soon):
1. Sales popups
2. Social proof
3. Inactive tab

Key selling points

  1. Takes only a few clicks to install
  2. Collect more emails with our popup tool (it comes with sticky bar)
  3. Make customers come back with inactive tabs (i.e. higher conversions)
  4. Build trust with customers using social proof
  5. You can enable and disable anytime
  6. It is complete free!

Enable Automizely for WooCommerce for free now  >>