We just launched Automizely Search - an instant search bar / box for your Shopify stores, designed for fast-growing retailers and Shopify Plus stores. Unlike the usual Shopify search bar, Automizely Search is faster and better, and generate more conversions.

If you're new to Automizely, make sure you install the free Automizely app at Shopify - the all-in-one sales and marketing tool for your online store.

How it works?

Simply enable Automizely Search with 1 click, your slow (boring) Shopify search experience will immediately change to the instant search experience. Start typing some product names to see the results. Automizely Search bar / box automatically suggest the related products (on the left) and collections (on the right). The product will come with image, title and pricing - helping your customer to find the right product faster.

8 Key selling points of Automizely Search:

  1. Instant real-time search
  2. Works on desktop and mobile
  3. Works on ANY Shopify themes
  4. Generate more sales than your standard search bar
  5. Better performance than other search app (others slow your site down)
  6. You can enable in 1 click
  7. You can disable it anytime
  8. It's free!

Start to boost your cross-sell >> Enable now