The Automizely team is very happy to announce its new feature:

Sales boost

This feature assists you to upsell your products and drive sales.

Furthermore, product stickers and countdown timers:

Engage shoppers: by promoting special offers and discounts

Create urgency: inturn motivating shoppers to avail offers before it ends

Increase conversions: by highlighting key product details

Highlight: making the best selling products stand out

✅ Increase confidence: by reinforcing shoppers buying confidence to boost sales

⏳ Stickers and timers are dominating the eCommerce market space...

Most of the leading online stores are using these powerful tools to introduce special offers and discounts!

1.Sales stickers

2.Countdown timer

📈 Conversions Sales boost

Sales boost is a new Automizely Conversions feature, which aims to help merchants call attention and create urgency.

Currently, with the Sales boost feature, you can add sales badges and countdown timers to the product details page.

Upcoming features...

📌 Add sales stickers and countdown timer to selected products

📌 Show sales stickers on the Home/Product list pages

📌 Add inventory countdown timer on product pages

📌 Add trust badge on product pages

Experience the new feature now! (It’s absolutely free✨✨)

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