A β€œthank you for subscribing” email is a powerful marketing tool that sets the tone for future communications and determines the loyalty of your customers.

It is sent once a visitor subscribes to your emails for future updates and notifications. And to be able to see the list of subscribers greatly helps in planning future marketing strategies.

πŸ’‘ Do you know? Studies show subscribers who receive thank you emails are more likely to engage with a brand.

πŸ‘₯ Conversions Contact list feature

Now you can easily get a list of your email subscribers and directly communicate with them.

Automizely - Conversions new features

With just a few clicks, fetch the email addresses of subscribers and export the list to other platforms, like Mailchimp.

This saves a lot of time and you can just focus on sending emails to your active subscribers.

πŸ“§ Thank you for the subscription email feature

You can easily send an automated email, once visitors subscribe to your emails. After you enable the feature, a thank you email will be sent immediately.

πŸ“© Reasons to choose Conversions email

πŸ“Œ creative and customizable template

πŸ“Œ professionally designed

πŸ“Œ enables coupon code to engage shoppers and drive sales

πŸ“Œ easy to use content editor

πŸ“Œ supported on Android and iOS

πŸ“Œ absolutely FREE

βœ‰ Conversions email template

With the Conversions email feature, you can customize the template and send emails to your subscribers.

Add the store name and logo to give the emails a personalized touch. You can add an image to the email and edit the text.

Also, a coupon code can be added using the merge tag (|*COUPON CODE*|).

Experience the new features now! (It’s absolutely free✨✨)

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