By the end of the year, many blogs will begin to review various rankings. We too want to present the top 10 e-commerce websites who did exceptionally well in 2019.

On the basis of classified website information, we selected some of the most popular e-commerce websites in the United States.

We then analyzed these websites around these three aspects:

  • 【Alexa ranking】
  • 【 website SEO settings】
  • 【 website sales tool & strategy】

📊 Website Metric

🎖#10  Lowe's

Alexa global ranking:#761

🎖#9  Macy's

Alexa global ranking:#393

🎖#8  Wish

Alexa global ranking:#387

🎖#7  Homedepot

Alexa global ranking:#320

🎖#6  Target

Alexa global ranking:#293

🎖#5  BestBuy

Alexa global ranking:#161

🎖#4  Etsy

Alexa global ranking:#134

🥉#3  Walmart

Alexa global ranking:#110

🥈#2  eBay

Alexa global ranking:#37

🥇#1  Amazon

Alexa global ranking:#12

Analysis and comparison of their SEO settings (site name) are also fascinating:

🏆 Sales strategy & event

We picked a few of them and analyzed them in detail.

🎁 Amazon

At the top of the homepage a banner is placed and it is like a carousel. Further, the promotional banner of some events when scrolled presents four side-by-side modules.

shop by category, deals collection, gift guide, sign-in box

This helps shoppers find what they are looking for quickly.

🎁 eBay

eBay highlights many aspects to help shoppers easily locate these options.

In the top menu, [Daily deals] and [Brand outlet] are intentionally highlighted. For shoppers, these two are important functions and it is very wise to highlight them.

🎁 Walmart

Can you guess how many sales stickers are used on Walmart's online store?

The answer is eight. Since there are multiple categories on the website, stickers help shoppers to easily find what they are looking for.

Walmart uses the following eight stickers:

🎁 BestBuy

As an e-commerce platform that mainly sells electronic products, discounts and offers are often a concern. Therefore, BestBuy highlights various deals in multiple places on the homepage.

It also uses countdown timers to stimulate conversions.

🎁 Target

Target's online store has a unique menu:【find】

Further, it has set up navigation: Trends, Ideas, Spotlight, and FunStuff.

🎁 Wish

Wish introduced a menu function: Blitz buy

It displays various discounted products also a countdown timer has been added to increase the conversion.

We will update more lists for you in our upcoming blog posts. So stay tuned…

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