Shiseido is a Japanese personal care company. It produces cosmetics, hair care, and skincare products. Their online store is very presentable and uses various marketing strategies, including popups, web notifications, and email marketing.

📊 Website Metrics

🌍Alexa ranking: #115,779

🇺🇸Country: US

🏗Industry: Fashion

📆Analysis date: 2019-11-26

🎫 Smart Popup

Shiseido's Popups are all very creative and distinctive.

1. Sign up Popup

On the homepage, a popup requesting shoppers to sign up is presented. Shiseido creatively uses a white popup against a red background with a black action button.

The content also is very magnetic and engaging.

If registration is canceled, then shoppers are given gentle reminders to subscribe.

Another way it may request for subscription.

It also uses a countdown timer to create urgency.

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2. Thumbnail Popup

Shiseido added a Popup to each product page. It includes a thumbnail and an action button to add a product to the cart quickly.

When you scroll down this popup automatically appears in the lower right corner of the page. If you notice the “Add to bag” action button, it has bright colors and looks good, reducing the probability of cart abandonment.

🎁 Smart marketing strategies

Trending now

On the product page, if the keywords input by shoppers cannot be matched or the corresponding product cannot be found, Shiseido displays  “Trending now” at the bottom to retain shoppers.

Sale stickers

Shiseido uses multiple sale stickers on best-selling products, such as “selling fast”. Placing a red sticker is not only conspicuous but also instrumental in engaging shoppers.

Present social proof

Shiseido has smartly added social proof to some product detail pages in order to encourage purchase.

It has added reviews and ratings of the shoppers who have already purchased the product. On the left side, under the picture of the product, it also shows the number of people have viewed the product.

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