LiLei 和 HanMeimei 出国后,鹦鹉Polly就不见了!综合以下线索,你能查出,Polly现在在哪里吗?





I know you're looking for Polly, and I'll be happy to tell you what I know:

It's healthy and safe now, and you can follow the clues below to find it.

1️⃣ My cousin was on holiday in my city (**h***💚) (7 letters) last month.

2️⃣ He told me that someone once sent Polly a box of melon seeds and the shipment number was: ♠︎ ♦︎ 3 ★ ♣︎  (six digits).

3️⃣  There is a correspondence between ♠︎ ♦︎ ★ ♣ (five digits ) and 💜💚💙💛 (4 letters).

4️⃣ At least three netizens claimed to have seen Polly in parks in the city: a dog, a woman in red clothing, a man in red pants. The clues to the shipment number are also hidden in their names.