Automizely is an all-in-one sales tool for fast-growing online retailers. It contains a variety of tools to help you set up powerful marketing campaigns. Contains a flexible charging plan, no matter the size of your email list, you can find the corresponding suitable quota option.

You only need to focus on marketing and Automizely will do the rest for you.

Multiple free functions

Automatically provide you with free access to the advanced marketing tools mentioned below.

Email: Send up to 3,000 marketing emails to 300 contacts for free

Promotional tools: Promote sales through a variety of methods such as pop-up windows/social proofs/tags and intelligent recommendations in the search bar;

WEB push: Generate sales leads through advertising campaigns and welcome notifications;

IM customer service: Real-time chat via FB Messenger to reduce customer complaints;

App: Use our free mobile apps (iOS and Android) to improve the shopping experience.

[Paid plans] What does the plan provide?

  • Support sending unlimited marketing emails
  • Choose the number of contacts you want to pay for
  • Flexible upgrade or downgrade plan as business needs change
  • 24/7 support

Price comparison with other platforms

Have more than 200,000 contacts? Contact sales

The plan that suits you best , and start optimizing your marketing activities immediately!