🎉 Automizely: 2020 Shopify App Store-Email Marketing list of popular apps

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Automizely: Shopify App Store Email Marketing Top App

What is Automizely?

Automizely is a collection of marketing tools designed specifically for independent e-commerce sellers. It integrates all marketing functions and is suitable for independent stores built by the world's two major website building systems, Shopify and WordPress (WooCommerce).

Contains: 16 kinds of mainstream marketing tools such as various marketing emails (welcome emails + shopping cart recovery emails + promotional emails), promotional popups (Popup), consumer Social Proof, web message pushes, and browser flashing Tab pages.

Automizely main functions

Highlights & advantages of Automizely

  • One platform integrates all marketing tools

Covers the mainstream & commonly used marketing tools of independent stations.

Automizely 包含了16种以上独立站必备营销推广引流工具
Automizely includes more than 16 essential marketing and promotion tools for independent stations
  • Free & easy to use

90% of the functions are free and open to use, one-click to connect to your Shopify store, you can freely set and use.

  • Email marketing prices are lower and more favorable

What can Automizely do for you?

  • Increase store conversion rate

Through push pop-ups, web notifications, countdowns, coupon information bars, reminder emails, emails to save shopping carts, etc., it covers the entire ordering process of online shop visitors, helping you to maximize every drop Traffic is converted into orders.

Automizely is applied to the effect display of independent station shops & website pages (partial functions)
  • Reduce store operating costs

All kinds of marketing emails can be automatically sent once set up; Shopify order data and contact information are automatically synchronized, "Automizely" means "automation", aiming to use smarter and more automated solutions to reduce your operating costs and improve store operating efficiency .

  • Marketing effect data

The click-through rate of Popup, the conversion effect of the coupon placed in each pop-up window, and the marketing data of the email... let you know the marketing and promotion effects of your Shopify and WooCommerce stores.

How to use Automizely?

The theory is not as good as the practice, click to enter Automizely-Demo, and set up the drill by yourself:

🎡 Automizely-trial version

Download Automizely now and increase your Shopify store sales by N times!

See more feature introduction >> Automizely official website

💡Use tips

If you are a blogger and have your own website, then the following two purely free functions can make your website more interactive, so hurry up and learn:

🌟 Add dynamic effects to your website Tab page

Automizely-Inactive Tab effect

Setting steps:

1) Enter the website: Automizely

2) Click [Code connection]

Inactive Tab free code丨Automizely

3) Check the setting wizard on the right and set it step by step. Support stores/websites built on the following platforms:

Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Magento 2, HubSpot, Weebly, Volusion 1.0, 3Dcart, DotNetNuke, Drupal7, Site123, SpaceCraft

🎁 Add pop-up windows/information display windows to your website

Automizely-Popup effect

Setting steps:

1) Open the website: Automizely official website

2) Find the code part in the middle and fill in the required information (the code will be updated immediately)

Popup free code丨Automizely

3) Click the [Copy] button to copy and use

Download the Automizely Shopify App and increase your store sales by N times!