In today’s hyper-competitive eCommerce space, most of the businesses are leveraging the power of Google review snippets to boost their click-through rate, build brand credibility, and earn more repeat customers.

You can enable your website for enhanced Google features in search results and help the search engines better understand and contextualize your content. On the buyer side, it helps them trust your products and make satisfying purchase decisions.

What are review snippets?

Review snippets are generally an average of combined reviews and ratings given by many reviewers. When Google finds valid reviews or ratings structured data markup on your website, your content will be eligible to show rich snippets that include star ratings and reviews.

Why use Google review snippets?

Here are some of the key advantages of Google review snippets -

  • Increase in the web traffic
  • Higher CTR in comparison to other organic results
  • Helps your company stand out from the crowd
  • Brings your products instant credibility
  • Optimizes shopping experience with single-click text reviews

How to enable the Google review snippet?

Follow these simple steps to enable the Google review snippet on your store.

  • Log in to your Automizely Review admin
  • Click on the “Google integrations” tab under “Apps
  • Turn on the toggle button

That’s it! You are all set to show your product star ratings on Google rich snippets.

In case you are getting an unsupported theme error, refer to our help article to get this resolved quickly.

Note: It can take up to 2-12 weeks for Google to display your star ratings on the search results.

You can also integrate your Automizely Reviews account with Google Shopping. Check this help article and follow the steps mentioned to integrate it effortlessly.

Why use Google Shopping?

In short, it works like a charm.

With Google Shopping, you can attract more traffic to your store by showcasing your reviews and star ratings.

Google Shopping is more streamlined than regular search ads. It tends to bring in more qualified clicks on your key products. As your Google Shopping ad takes a potential buyer straight to the product page, there are fewer clicks involved in the buyer journey. This leads to a higher cost per conversion and an overall better return.

So go ahead, enable Google integrations on your Automizely Reviews account today and enjoy the benefits it brings along for the growth of your business.

For more information, feel free to refer to our help article. If you need any other help, contact our support team for quick assistance.