In eCommerce, visuals matter a lot. Your customers will not take more than 90 seconds to judge your brand and products. Choosing the right colors and structure for your web pages is crucial. Here are some tips to revamp the critical pages on your website and get a significant boost in your revenue and brand credibility.

Fashion & accessories

Color is the best and most direct way of setting a good first impression, and the fashion & jewelry industry mostly adopts the Morandi color system.

As far as the website layout and structure in the clothing industry are concerned, displaying products the right way boosts the conversion rate. Your product lists should appear multiple times on different blocks in order to strengthen the sense of page rhythm and help customers find the goods quickly.

Take a look at some of the AfterShip Landing Page Builder's professionally-designed landing page templates pertaining to fashion and accessories, taking into account the industry-specific elements.

Beauty & makeup

The beauty and makeup industry use fresh colors such as White and Pink, which are in accord with female characteristics. If you look at the skin care industry specifically, Blue and Green colors are mainly used to exhibit the concept of safety and nature to customers.

You need to give visitors a premium user experience. Our user-centric website design approach ensures that every touchpoint moves a visitor toward becoming a customer.

Coming to the website structure or layout part, it is crucial to give your visitors a premium user experience, and hence focusing on a user-centric website design approach ensures that every touchpoint moves your visitors one step closer to becoming a customer.

You can keep a unique block for the “Tips” section wherein you can share exclusive makeup tips to drive user engagement.

Sports & fitness

Sports and fitness are among the most attractive and thriving industries for entrepreneurs to tap into. Sports brands often use black and white as the main colors on their web pages as they highlight the sense of power and technology.

The rich and appealing content is the essence of these industries and is usually represented by blogs, discussion boards, forums, online communities, interest groups, etc. Additionally, you can go a step ahead by including various features in your sports or fitness-related website to decrease the bounce rate of your main pages and boost revenue:

  • Gym reviews
  • Refer a coach
  • Invite friends
  • Pay to upgrade
  • Hot deals
  • Refer a friend, etc.

Home furnishings

The home furnishing industry pays great attention to the brand introduction in order to portray the brand’s concepts and help customers understand and trust the brand better.

A bunch of groupings and blocks are ideal for showcasing your products or services, along with intuitive menus and buttons for smooth navigation. Additionally, you can highlight the new arrivals and showcase the popular products to help your customers quickly find their desired products with ease.

Bathroom furnishings

The global bathroom products market size is expected to grow to $138.41 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 9.2%. It is driven by the growing awareness of sanitary and personal hygiene.

What shades determine the colors of the bathroom today?

Well, instead of following temporary fashion trends, brands nowadays come up with colors that have a particular relationship with the territory and geography.

The Green wave trend is popular among brands as it exhibits nature and well-being. It can go well with a combination of Agave, Ardesia, Bianco, Bistro, Cenere, Creta, Ghiaccio, and Tortora colors symbolizing love for nature.

Are you looking to boost your eCommerce game with the right colors and conversion-driven structure?