The rapid digital transformation and advancements have changed the landscape of marketing when it comes to driving marketing-led growth. But, be it offline or online, the one thing that has not changed is that - Relationships matter. And these relationships form a strong base for businesses to exploit referral marketing.

The research shows that around 82% of the customers seek recommendations from their networks before purchasing a product or service. Needless to say, a properly planned referral marketing strategy can not only increase your brand awareness but also boost your sales through existing customers and new referral traffic.

Having said that, Automizely Loyalty - a one-stop application for referral marketing, has added two more reward types in its kitty to help you boost your referral programs and sales through referral marketing.

Introducing ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘Free Product’ referral rewards

Automizely came up with new lucrative referral rewards - ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘Free Product’ to give merchants multiple ways to boost their revenue from customer referrals significantly.

Free shipping reward type: You can choose the Free shipping reward type to waive the shipping charges for both the advocate (referrer) and the referee. Also, you have the option to set shopping criteria (For instance, a minimum order subtotal) based on which the Free shipping reward would be applicable.

Free product reward type: Under the Free product reward type, you can offer a free product to both the advocate (referrer) and the referee for engaging in successful referrals. Please make sure that the products you are offering as rewards are available in sufficient quantity to avoid any delays.

In case your chosen product is not active or out of stock, you will be notified to choose a different product as a reward.

Boost repeat sales by maneuvring the new reward types

  • Pick suitable rewards from a range of reward types to meet your end goals
  • Attract more people to your referral programs with the new incentivized model
  • Increase customer engagement and get more successful referrals with different rewards
  • Boost sales with lucrative rewards for both advocates & referred customers
  • Uplift repeat purchases on your store with redeemable rewards

Choose from a range of reward types available

With the ‘Free shipping’ and the ‘Free product’ joining the list of reward types at Automizely Loyalty, now you have the freedom to choose from a range of reward types available -

  • Percentage Off
  • Fixed amount
  • Free shipping
  • Free product

Leverage the above-listed enticing reward types to reward your loyal customers for making a successful referral and their referred friends for their first purchase.

How to access the newly introduced reward types?

  • Choose your preferred reward type from the given options and set other referral criteria based on your requirement
  • You can also customize the content and style of your referral message and popup to match it with your store’s look and feel
  • Once done, go back to the home page and enable the ‘Activate referral program’ button to activate your referral program

Congratulations! You are all set to boost your business revenue from customer referrals 😊

If you have any confusion in setting up your referral program, feel free to refer to our help article to get the detailed know-how.

In case you’ve any questions on the newly introduced reward types, you can connect to our representative via the customer chat service available 24/7.