A homepage is very much similar to a modern-day shop window. It gives an idea of what the business is into, who’s running it, and a handful of products and services it offers. Just like a shop window, the way you design your homepage can either attract people to look deeper, engage with the content, make a purchase or it might fail to capture a visitor’s attention.

While a landing page’s goal is to drive conversions, a homepage seeks to engage visitors with the brand and offers solutions or products that solve their problems.

How can a well-designed homepage drive your business growth?

  • A well-designed homepage can capture a visitor’s interest in less than five seconds
  • It gives your customers a hint of the range of products and services you offer
  • Attracts the most appropriate and potential visitors to your site
  • A strong homepage can entice your visitors to explore your products and even make purchases
  • A homepage is the best platform to showcase your brand’s story and hook your audience
  • In addition to your products, your homepage can give your visitors an idea about your company, contact information, and testimonials

As you are now aware of the importance of a well-designed homepage in your store’s success, let’s peek into the steps for creating an eye-catching homepage for your ecommerce store.

How to create a beautiful Home page for your Shopify store?

1) Click on the ‘Home page’ tab under your Automizely Page Builder Account to create your home page

2) Access the ‘Settings,’ ‘Content,’ and ‘Styles’ tabs to design your homepage from scratch

3) Under the ‘Content’ tab, click on ‘Add section’ to add 10 different blocks - 'Image with text,' 'Image with text overlay,' 'Text columns with images,' 'Product list,' 'Image gallery,' 'Image,' 'Text,' 'Button,' 'Form,' and 'Social links'

Enhance the look and feel of your landing pages from the ‘Styles’ tab by choosing the right set of Font and colours that go hand-in-hand with your brand.

Once you are done with all the style-related changes, make your landing page live from the ‘Settings’ tab by changing the status to ‘Published’ and save the changes.

Congratulations, you are ready to serve your visitors with a beautifully customized landing page.

Note: Automizely Page Builder also allows you to update your existing home page easily. Also, as a merchant, you can easily preview and delete any unpublished page.

Feel free to refer to our help article to get more information on creating your landing pages from scratch.