Getting your share of the market in the holiday rush can be tough. Being seen and heard through the scramble as brands and retailers vye for the attention of holiday shoppers might feel impossible.. But fear not! We've got some tried-and-true tips to help boost your holiday conversions and make the most out of the holiday season.

And this is going to be practical and actionable, not just fluff—we’ve even stuffed your stocking with ready-to-go content in some places. So grab a pen and paper, because we're about to give you some holiday conversion tips you can actually use.

1) Personalize your messaging

We've talked about this tip multiple times before. Holiday shoppers have different motivations and desires, so make sure your messaging caters to each segment of your audience. Indeed, 91% of customers say they would rather do business with a company that provides them with personalized offers.

So be sure to customize email subject lines and website banners for specific holiday events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In the body of the email, mention holiday deals and promotions, and use some data from past purchases to personalize recommended products for each customer.

Here's an example you can steal:

Subject line: "Cyber Monday deals just for you, Cindy!"

Email body: "Hey Cindy, we know you love our cozy sweaters, and just in time for Cyber Monday, we've got a special deal on our best-selling cable knit sweater. Plus, as one of our valued customers, use code CM20 at check out for an extra 20% off your entire purchase. Happy holiday shopping!"

This particular approach works well because it addresses the holiday event, offers a specific deal or promotion, and personalizes the messaging to the individual customer. You make the customer feel special and cater to their specific wants and needs, leading to a higher likelihood of conversion.

How to get started with personalization:

Using email marketing and automation software, segment your holiday shoppers based on past purchases and browsing behavior. Then, tailor your messaging and promotions to each segment for maximum effectiveness. If you don't currently have any marketing software, you can still get started with personalization by addressing your customers by their first names in holiday emails and including personalized recommendations and deals based on past purchases.

2) Create holiday-specific content and landing pages

Your holiday shoppers are looking for deals and promotions specifically related to the holiday season. Make it easy for them to find this information by creating holiday-specific landing pages on your website.

On these holiday pages, highlight holiday deals and promotions, gift ideas, holiday shipping cutoff dates, and any other relevant information. This will also help with your search engine optimization efforts, as you can include keywords related to the holiday on these pages to boost your rankings in search results.

Here's an example you can steal:

Create a holiday landing page specifically for Black Friday, with banners and graphics featuring the event. Include countdown timers to build urgency, holiday deals and promotions, gift guides for different recipients, and information on Black Friday shipping cutoffs. You can drive traffic to this page through social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. But don't stop at the landing page—build a content journey leading up to the holiday event by creating blog posts and social media content teasing holiday deals, gift guides, and promotions.

This works because it puts all holiday-related information in one easily accessible place for customers and also helps to build excitement leading up to the holiday event. It also allows your brand to add a bit of personality—the holiday landing page and content can have a fun, festive theme to attract holiday shoppers.

How to get started with holiday content and landing pages:

Start by brainstorming holiday promotions, deals, and gift ideas for your customers. Then, design a holiday-specific landing page on your website, including all relevant information and holiday-themed graphics or banners. As the holiday approaches, create holiday-centric content—such as blog posts or social media posts—to drive traffic to the landing page and highlight your holiday offerings. Don't forget to continually update the landing page with new promotions or deals as the holiday approaches.

3) Offer holiday shipping options

Holiday shoppers are often concerned about timely delivery, especially for gifts. Offer multiple shipping options, including expedited or express shipping, to cater to these customers and increase conversions. If you can have faster, more reliable holiday shipping than your competitors, you'll have a major advantage. And if you're able to offer free shipping, it bodes well for your company. A recent survey saw that 70% of consumers would actually increase their purchase total to reach a free shipping threshold.

Include information on holiday shipping cutoff dates and options prominently on your website and in holiday-specific marketing materials. Consider offering free or discounted shipping promotions to entice holiday shoppers.

Additionally, offer the option for in-store pickup or local delivery for customers who want their purchases right away or don't want to deal with shipping. This adds convenience for customers and can also drive foot traffic to your physical locations.

Here's some sample messaging that you can steal:

Get your holiday gifts in time with our holiday shipping options! Choose from standard, expedited, express, in-store pickup, and local delivery to get your presents under the tree on time. Plus, take advantage of our free holiday shipping promotion for even more savings. Shop now at (your website).

This works because it provides convenient holiday shipping options for customers and highlights any promotions or deals related to holiday shipping. It also adds a sense of urgency by mentioning holiday delivery cutoffs.

How to get started with holiday shipping options:

First, research the holiday shipping cutoff dates for different carriers and prominently display this information on your website and in holiday marketing materials. Then, consider offering promotions for expedited or express shipping to attract holiday shoppers looking for timely delivery. Additionally, offer options such as in-store pickup or local delivery for added convenience. Continually update your holiday shipping information as the holiday approaches.

4) Offer gift-wrapping or gift-boxing options

Make it easy for holiday shoppers buying gifts by offering gift-wrapping or gift-boxing options. This saves the customer time and effort and presents a polished, professional appearance for the gifts they are giving. To stand out, you want to sell convenience along with quality products.

On top of that, 40% of shoppers would like to purchase from a store where premium packaging is provided—and this includes gift wrap. Not only is it providing something that your consumers want during the holidays, it also helps to boost your average order value (AOV) by giving you a valuable add-on to boost profits.

Consider offering different options for gift-wrapping or boxing, with a range of prices to cater to various budget and present it as a way to add a personal touch to holiday gifts. Promote this service on your website and in holiday marketing materials, and potentially offer discounts or promotions for those who choose gift-wrapping options.

Here's some sample messaging that you can steal:

Add a special touch to your holiday gifts with our gift-wrapping options! Choose from a variety of styles and add a personal note for the perfect holiday present. Plus, take advantage of our holiday promotion for 10% off all gift-wrapping options. Shop now at (your website).

This works because it highlights the convenience and added personal touch of gift-wrapping options while also promoting any holiday discounts or promotions.

How to get started with gift-wrapping options:

First, research and choose a variety of quality gift-wrapping or boxing options. Then, offer these options on your website and in holiday marketing materials, potentially with promotions or discounts for holiday shoppers. Consider adding the option for personal notes to be included with the gift-wrapped items for an added personal touch. Continually update and promote this holiday offering as the holiday approaches.

Driving more conversions this holiday season

At the end of the day, holiday conversions are all about providing convenience and holiday-specific promotions for shoppers. Offer holiday shipping options, gift-wrapping options, and continually update your holiday marketing materials to drive more holiday sales for your eCommerce business.

But to really stand out from the crowd and ensure your campaigns are running like a well-oiled holiday machine, consider using email marketing tools and eCommerce website tools like Automizely Marketing to get the most out of holiday promotions and drive conversions.

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