Do you want to increase your sales the easy way?

Show your best-selling products to your store visitors. It helps build trust among them concerning your products and brand as a whole.

Additionally, displaying recently viewed products makes it relatively easier for your customers to find them again and finally purchase them.

Having said that, Automizely Marketing is giving you a new stream to boost your sales with the “Best sellers” and “Recently viewed” product types.

Why are these features relevant for your business?

Here’s how the Best-selling and Recently viewed features can drive sales for your eCommerce business:

  • Seize more sales with product recommendations
  • Promote your top-selling products easily via emails and upsell popups
  • Prompt store visitors to buy your products using the recently viewed products category
  • Reduce cart abandonment by recommending recently viewed items in your emails
  • Drive faster sales by recommending recently viewed products

How to show best-selling and recently viewed products?

You can easily show your best-selling and recently-viewed products through Automizely Marketing. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Automizely Marketing account
  • From the “Emails” section, select an email template of your choice
  • Go to the “Content” section, and click on the “Add blocks”
  • Under theRecommended products,” you can choose from the “Best Sellers” and “Recently viewed” to increase conversions
  • You also have an option to choose specific products of your choice under “Recommended products”

Apart from the regular emails, merchants also have the freedom to showcase their top-selling products through popup forms.

For more information on setting up your top-selling products in popup forms, refer to our detailed help guide.

So use these hot features in your online store and see a significant increase in your sales and conversions.