With millions of shoppers spending billions of dollars on their mothers, it’s no wonder brands compete to get in front of potential buyers in the days/weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

Since mothers are getting more and more monetary love each year, Mother's Day is indeed a great opportunity for eCommerce brands to boost their visibility and increase sales with Mother's Day campaigns.

But first, let’s take a look at the buying trends of 2021 to understand what people would most likely buy for the first major gift-giving holiday of spring 2022.

Mother’s Day spending: What are people buying?

Though 2021 saw some big-ticket items such as jewelry and electronics paving their way into the list of top Mother’s Day gifts, greetings cards and flowers still ruled the charts as the most bought items.

Source: National Retail Federation

Marketers should consider the fact that people are keen to take their mothers for a special outing on this day, especially after the relaxation of COVID19 restrictions and successful vaccination drives. eCommerce players can leverage this opportunity and run their campaigns around it. For instance, offering discounts or coupons of popular restaurants or movie passes as giveaways.

Another fun fact is that people are not just buying gifts for their biological mothers but also for other women in their life who care for them, such as grandmothers, aunts, sisters, etc. So, marketers can take this into account while highlighting their products that are tailor-made for all the people who may fulfill the role.

When should you start your Mother’s Day campaigns/promotions?

Generally, shoppers start searching for gifts 3 to 4 weeks before the big day. So, ideally, you should start your Mother’s Day campaigns and promotions at least 3-4 weeks in advance considering shipping times into account. It will help people decide what to buy and place their orders well in advance.

However, many people are procrastinators as they like shopping last minute for gifts. So, in order to capitalize on the procrastinators, you can push your promotions further with paid advertisements as you move close to the big day. They may be buying gifts in stores, but they prefer to search for them online. Who knows, they might get a better deal from you or maybe know more about your brand and products only to give you business in the future.

Marketing strategies to drive your Mother’s Day sales

Here we have put together a list of actionable Mother’s Day marketing ideas that will help you boost your sales this season.

Email marketing

Selecting a perfect gift for your mother is a real challenge for many people. You can solve this problem for your customers by curating content around gift ideas, buying guides, best offers/deals, and reaching out to them via dedicated email campaigns.

Try Automizely Marketing’s newsletters and templates specifically designed for Mother’s Day.

Create FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Smart marketers use FOMO to their advantage by compelling people to take action. Create a sense of urgency among your customers by attaching a countdown timer to your best deals or offers to boost your Mother’s Day sales.

You can use Automizely Marketing’s popup forms with a countdown timer to create urgency and boost conversions. It lets you match your branding with your customized message and colors and just takes a few clicks to set up.

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Psychology of FREE

If you know the psychology of FREE, you would probably understand how much people are attracted to freebies, giveaways, or discounts. You can use this buyer psychology to get more sales this season by offering freebies with your products. It could be free shipping, a discount coupon, or a small gift when your customers purchase a high ticket product.

Use Automizely Marketing’s free shipping bar to promote free shipping offers with progressive messages.

Build trust with social proof

It is crucial to reassure your potential customers that they can trust your brand and you can do it with the power of social proof. You can incorporate social proof into Mother’s Day emails utilizing star ratings, reviews, testimonials, or feature photos from influencers and customers taken from social media.

Automizely Marketing allows merchants to use its social proof popups feature to show recent sales that can help build trust and urgency for your products.

Try Automizely Marketing’s social proof feature.

Inspire shoppers to buy more

In order to boost your sales, your goal should be to inspire shoppers to buy more from your store by showcasing appropriate product recommendations. On top of that, personalized product recommendations trigger impulse purchases.

Additionally, leveraging a progress bar and giving shoppers a spending goal play a key role in increasing their average order value.

Suggest thoughtful, last-minute gifts

Believe it or not, many people just don’t want to take any action until the last minute. You can save these customers from a last-minute panic by offering up last-minute gift ideas straight into their inboxes.

Last-minute gifts may include items that can be delivered quickly or digital gifts that can be sent immediately via email.

So, if you want to get the most from this year's Mother's Day, this is the right time to take action with these handy marketing strategies to get those dollars pouring your way.

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