Canadian Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday in Canada, which is celebrated on the second Monday in October. It’s primarily seen as a time to mark the start of autumn, bring the family together, and celebrate the harvest and good food of the season. For retailers, it’s an ideal time to get their best deals out and drive sales.

Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t just about indulging in delicious foods with the family though, it’s prime time for a little online shopping. You might be planning to go all guns blazing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), but you can use Canadian Thanksgiving as a platform to test your products, campaigns, and deals to learn how your audience responds to them. You get ample time to gauge your campaigns’ performance, analyze your products’ quality, and set optimum inventory levels for your business.

In a nutshell, Canadian Thanksgiving Day warms you up and sets the stage for the big days ahead (BFCM).

Canadian Thanksgiving: Quick tips to stand out and boost sales

Below are the top marketing tips and tricks to make your Thanksgiving campaigns more effective this season.

Give your store a Thanksgiving tweak

You can add a little Canadian Thanksgiving spirit to your online store to get your visitors' shopping mode on. A few changes in your theme color, copy, etc., on your homepage and critical product pages, can get your customers going. However, ensure that your website's user interface and flow don’t look drastically different.

Retain new visitors

Building a solid email list is the most effective way of retaining new visitors who land on your website. Make the best of this opportunity by sending captivating Canadian Thanksgiving offers/discounts to your visitors.

Automizely Marketing’s professionally designed lead generation forms will help you grow your list quickly.

Lead generation popup
Lead generation popup

Generate quality leads with embedded forms

Using embedded forms as a medium to generate leads is undoubtedly an intelligent strategy, given the fact that you effectively reduce one step in the process of getting conversions. Your website visitors don’t have to click on a particular link to go to a subscription form.

An embedded form can be displayed as part of your own page, giving your visitors an immersive experience. The best part is that you can place it anywhere on your website with just a simple HTML code and enrich your ability to collect more leads for your business.

Learn more about how to turn your store visitors into subscribers with embedded forms.

Embedded form (Lead generation)
Embedded form (Lead generation)

Be more proactive and assistive with gift guides

Finding the right gifts is still one of the biggest pain points of the holiday season for many people

Finding the right gifts is still one of the biggest pain points of the holiday season for many people. In most cases, customers start searching for gifts early and eventually buy at the last possible moment. If you take a look at the numbers, 24% believe that online stores don’t provide enough product information and support, which makes selecting the right gift a real challenge.

That’s where you need to step in and ease your customers’ path to suitable gift inspirations. The interactive approach of gift guides is proven to boost conversion, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Canadian Thanksgiving guide
Canadian Thanksgiving guide

Leverage urgency and scarcity to boost conversions

When you create an offer that comes with time-limited validity, let's say a discount offer that expires at the end of the day or a free shipping deal that only lasts for 24 hours, it compels your visitors to take action before it’s too late. Likewise, when you use scarcity, your customer perceives that there’s a limited supply of goods which encourages them to buy within the limited time constraints.

Automizely Marketing provides attractive popups (check here) with countdown timers that you can use to boost your sales by leveraging urgency and scarcity.

Create urgency with a countdown timer
Create urgency with a countdown timer

Improve cart conversion rate with innovative popups

Cart abandonment is a major obstacle for all online retailers and eCommerce businesses. According to Conversific’s 2022 report, online shoppers abandon 66.5% of all shopping carts, which means around 7 out of 10 visitors will leave your website without completing their purchase. But the good news is that you can recover abandoned carts.

Using cart recovery popups with a limited-time offer can encourage your visitors to return and complete their purchases.

Automizely Marketing’s robust abandoned cart reminders can give your cart recovery rate a major boost. Learn more about how to convert abandoned carts into sales with enticing reminders.

Cart recovery popup
Cart recovery popup

As an online retailer, Canadian Thanksgiving is all about saying thank you to your visitors for putting their trust in your brand and encouraging them to shop with you. We hope these marketing tips will help you get an edge over your competitors.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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