Customer retention is the single most important thing for your business growth. If your retention is poor, then nothing else matters.

How could we let you skip such an important powerhouse for your business?

Introducing Automizely Loyalty

Automizely Loyalty lets you initiate your referral program to turn your customers into brand advocates. These brand advocates will push your brand promotion and help increase your sales growth. The best thing is that your current customers already have an idea of what your ideal customer looks like and can refer your brand/product to those who have high chances of becoming your transacting customers.

Once you have implemented your first referral program with Automizely Loyalty, just sit back and keep track of how your sales move upwards.

How can Automizely Loyalty skyrocket your sales?

  • Retain loyal customers - The best scenario for a company is to not only just retain their loyal customers but to get new customers referred by them. You can leverage the potential of a lucrative, sales-driven referral program to encourage your existing customers to refer your brand and products to their friends.
  • Drive new sales - You can significantly increase your sales volume by rewarding both your referred customers and advocates. With redeemable rewards, you are more likely to get repeat purchases from your customers.
  • Encourages word-of-mouth marketing - Offering lucrative discounts to newly referred customers and good rewards to existing advocates can encourage word-of-mouth resulting in more sales and successful referrals.
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost - Reaching new customers through your existing customers can significantly reduce your cost of converting a cold lead into a transacting customer. It reduces your cost, time and effort in customer acquisition and helps you boost sales with your existing customers.
  • Drives customer satisfaction - If you keep your customers happy and satisfied, you have almost won the battle. And a loyal customer is much more powerful than a satisfied customer. With powerful referral programs, you can keep your customers not only satisfied but increase their loyalty to your brand.

How to set up a referral campaign?

You don’t need any coding expertise to get your referral program up and running.

Here is a step-by-step process of setting up your referral campaign -

1) Log in to your Automizely Loyalty account and enable the ‘Referral Status’ option

2) Now, you can set the ‘Discount value’ for your brand advocates or referrers

That’s it. You are good to go. For more details on the set up, you can refer to our help article.

Your referrers will get the discount in the form of a coupon code on their email ID as a reward whenever a referee makes his/her first successful purchase from your store.

Needless to say, customer referral programs are a low cost and effective way to generate qualified leads. So, set up your first referral program in just a matter of seconds and grow your business exponentially. In case you need any help, our support team is available 24/7 via live chat to help you set up your first Automizely loyalty and rewards program.