Over the past few years, influencers have changed the affiliate marketing game with their power to put a brand in front of its targeted audiences directly. In short, Influencer marketing has now become the modern and scalable version of word of mouth.

Having said that, Automizely Loyalty has launched a new affiliate marketing campaign type - “Product gifting” to help you diversify your influencer marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

This means that merchants now have a choice while trying to establish partnerships with influencers, should they offer commission, gifts, or a combination of the two.

Perks of using the influencer gifting campaign

Here are a few benefits of using Automizely Loyalty’s influencer gifting campaign:

  • Reward influencers with gifts in exchange for promotion
  • Get more exposure for your products and brand
  • Create and manage all your influencer campaigns in one place
  • Track and optimize your campaigns with an intuitive dashboard.

Additionally, it creates far more impact when influencers promote the same products they have used.

Now let’s take a peek into the step-by-step process for setting up your influencer gifting campaign using Automizely Loyalty.

How to set up an influencer gifting campaign?

  • Log in to your Automizely Loyalty account
  • Go to the “Campaigns” section under “Affiliates”
  • Select “Product gifting” as your campaign type
  • Select the products you want to promote and set the campaign period
  • Click on the “Save and next” button once done
  • Give your offer a name, and choose the gifting products and discount type for your influencers
  • Add/Select the influencers you want to invite to the campaign and click on the “Create invite email” button to send the invitation

For more information on setting up your influencer gifting campaign, feel free to refer to our help guide.

In case you are facing any issues or need help, you can reach out to our support team 24/7 for quick assistance.