Partnering with a digital influencer is one of the most sought after strategies for brands to reach the masses as it yields higher levels of engagement and better returns for them.

Automizely Loyalty released new features for businesses that wield influencer marketing to grow their brand. You can now send invitation emails in bulk to influencers and easily create/manage influencer list by importing the data through a CSV file.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a social media marketing strategy that businesses use to promote their products and services by partnering with influencers possessing a large and engaged audience.

Why influencer marketing is a game-changer?

The research suggests around 82% of people follow the recommendations of a micro-influencer. This is the reason why brands now prefer to get into long-term partnerships with influencers.

Below are some of the key benefits which makes influencer marketing a game-changing strategy for businesses:

  • Helps you widen your social media presence
  • Educates and motivates your audience
  • Builds credibility and trust for your brand
  • Affects your SEO and search rankings
  • Generates leads and drives conversions
  • It’s cost-effective and saves time

Do you want to include influencer marketing in your marketing strategy? Automizely Loyalty’s latest features can help you easily expand your brand’s reach and credibility with influencer marketing.

How to send bulk emails to invite influencers?

  • Log in to your Automizely Loyalty account
  • Click the “Emails” tab under the “Affiliates” section
  • After you tap on the “Create email” button, you will get various options - “Settings,” “Content,” and “Styles” to draft your email
  • From “Settings,” you can set the email subject line, fill in the sender information, etc.
  • From “Content,” you can set the header, text, and footer of your email
  • From “Styles,” you can style your email with the right Font and colors
  • Hit the “Save” button when you are done
  • Send or schedule your email in bulk to invite the influencers

For more information on sending bulk emails, you can refer to our help article.

How to create and manage your influencer list?

  • From your Automizely Loyalty account’s “Affiliates” section, go to “Influencer lists
  • You can choose to add influencers manually through “Add influencer” or import them in bulk through CSV import using the “Import influencer” option

To know more about adding and importing influencers to your Automizely Loyalty account, check our help guide.

For any other help, feel free to connect with our support team 24/7.

So get the most out of these amazing features and boost your income through influencer marketing.