Father’s Day is one of the most important days of the year for eCommerce brands in terms of retail and consumer spending.

Sons, daughters, and other loved ones are expected to fork out $20 billion this Father’s Day, according to the data released by the National Retail Foundation’s (NRF) Annual Consumer Survey.

It’s a great opportunity for eCommerce brands to analyze customers’ spending patterns and run unique and inspirational campaigns keeping the sentimental nature of the holiday in mind.

But first, let’s take a look at the buying trends to understand what people are most likely to buy for Father’s Day.

Father's Day buying trends

The top 5 Father’s Day gift categories include: Clothing, books, electronics, gift cards, and greeting cards.

When should you start your Father’s Day campaigns/promotions?

Nailing down the ideal time to kick off Father’s Day marketing campaigns and promotions is usually a merchant’s main concern.

The recommended timeframe to start your marketing campaigns for Father's Day is one month in advance.

Don’t have a marketing plan in place yet?

No need to panic. We are going to share some of the best marketing tips and strategies to help you create and carry out a winning campaign.

Best marketing strategies to drive Father’s Day sales

Automizely Marketing - Father's Day popup

Here is a list of actionable Father’s Day marketing ideas that will help you boost your sales this season.

Drive more sales with email marketing

Buying a perfect gift is a real problem for many people. Delight your customers by solving this problem and making their Father's Day special. You can curate content around gift ideas, buying guides, best offers or deals, and reach out to your customers via dedicated email campaigns.

Automizely Marketing - Father's Day newsletter template

Try Automizely Marketing’s newsletters and templates specifically designed for Father’s Day.

Use FOMO to employ a sense of urgency

People hate the feeling of missing out. You can take full advantage by offering lucrative deals or discounts with short deadlines. Your customers would not want to miss out on an attractive offer having a 24-hour deadline.

Try Automizely Marketing’s countdown timer feature that lets you match your branding with customized messages and colors and just takes a few clicks to set up.

Automizely Marketing - Countdown Timer
Automizely Marketing - Countdown Timer

Boost conversion rates with email segmentation

Email segmentation is a prominent strategy to get your content across to the right set of audiences.

Dividing your email subscribers into small segments based on unique filters such as VIP customers, repeat buyers, price-sensitive buyers, cart abandoners, etc., ensures a higher open and click rate and reduced unsubscribe rate.

You can make the best use of Automizely Marketing’s "Segments & lists" feature that allows merchants to use email segmentation for personalized marketing campaigns.

Automizely Marketing - Segments and Lists
Automizely Marketing - Segments and Lists

Offer free shipping to boost sales

According to a report from FedEx, 73% of consumers want free shipping at checkout. It is a powerful tool in eCommerce to boost your sales as everyone loves freebies, giveaways, or discounts. Additionally, having to pay a shipping fee to get your order delivered is one of the key pain points of shopping online.

Offering free shipping will no doubt add to your overall cost, but it will surely boost your sales significantly. The best strategy would be to keep a minimum required order total to get free shipping.

Leverage Automizely Marketing’s free shipping bar to promote your free shipping offers with customized messages.

Automizely Marketing - Free shipping
Automizely Marketing - Free shipping

You can show your customers the order amount still required to qualify for free shipping.

Father’s Day themed homepage

Due to a significant increase in the number of eCommerce retailers popping up every day, you have no other alternative but to stand out from the competition.

Create a special Father’s Day themed homepage to pull in your customers and drive them to your main product pages by giving them the best shopping experience.

You can save your time with Automizely Page Builder’s professionally designed homepage and landing page templates. You can easily customize the look and feel of your homepage using the Father’s Day elements.

Kill it with social proof

Social proof is like a natural herd mentality, which explains that when people see a large group of people buy something, they are more likely to join. The power of social proof helps your potential customers build trust in your brand and associated products.

Use Automizely Marketing’s social proof popups to show your recent sales that can help build trust and increase conversions.

Automizely Marketing - Social Proof
Automizely Marketing - Social Proof

Father’s Day can be a great chance for you to connect with your customers in a more tender way and kick off your sales by cashing in on the sentimental value of this big day.

There are tons of different marketing strategies that you can use to amplify your sales this year. The above strategies can help you advance your sales and get off to a great start.