Do you want to get more from your referral programs?

Setting up reward notifications can help you extract more out of your referral program. It plays a significant role in keeping your advocates up to date regarding their referral rewards or earned discounts and helps merchants drive conversions and get more sales.

Introducing customized advocate reward notification emails

If you are into the ecommerce business, it is crucial for you to provide a seamless user experience to your brand advocates in order to increase conversions and get more sales. Automizely Loyalty introduced a new feature that allows merchants to customize their advocate reward notification emails. It helps advocates remain updated regarding their referral rewards as soon as they get a successful referral and participate in referring more potential customers.

How is the feature relevant for your business?

The feature can play a key role in increasing your business revenue significantly. Here are a bunch of handy benefits that come along -

  • Delight your brand advocates with the reward emails
  • Leverage key data and information gathered to send personalized emails
  • Maximize user engagement with customized reward notification emails
  • Choose attention-grabbing email subject line to increase email open rates
  • Increase brand recognition and brand awareness through the business logo

As you are now well aware of the benefits associated with the advocate reward notification emails, let’s take a peek into the process to set this on your Automizely account.

How to set up an advocate reward notification email?

  • Log in to your Automizely Loyalty account
  • Click on the ‘Email’ tab to open the reward email customization interface
  • You can customize the structure and layout of your email through - ‘Settings’ and ‘Content’ sections
  • Under the ‘Settings’ tab, choose a customized subject line along with sender information which includes - ‘Sender name’ and ‘Send from’ address
  • Under the ‘Content’ tab, upload your business logo, customize your email content with ‘Title,’ ‘Description,’ and ‘Content,’ and add key business information to the footer
  • Check all your changes and click on the ‘Save’ button

Done! You are now ready to send customized, engagement-driven reward notification emails to your advocates.

Automizely Loyalty gives you the power to use a wide set of robust merge tags to give your advocates an engaging user experience. Available merge tags include -

  • Store name
  • Referred friend name
  • Advocate rewards
  • Referred friend rewards

For more details on the feature, feel free to refer to our help article. In case you have any other queries, connect with our support team now.