The 4th of July continues to be one of the biggest summer holidays in the United States. It is not just a celebration of Independence but a perfect mid-year holiday for brands to grab the attention of their potential customers and boost their sales.

A lot has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and the data paints a more positive picture now, which is encouraging for eCommerce retailers.

According to the National Retail Federation, consumer spending on food items alone is expected to reach $7 billion.

The ClothingRIC research team predicts a 10 to 15% increase in consumer spending this holiday. Simply put, consumers are likely to spend more this year than ever before.

So, if you are launching a sale this Independence Day, we will inspire you with the best marketing ideas along with Automizely Marketing’s ready-to-use templates to significantly increase your traffic and revenue.

Best marketing tactics to boost your Independence Day sales

Let’s take a deep dive into the list of actionable marketing ideas that will help you power up your sales this season.

Grow your email list

Your email list is one of the best assets to expand your customer base as you can use it to promote your best deals, offers, and hot products and get more sales.

Theme-based lead generation forms work best in turning your customers into subscribers. In light of this, Automizely Marketing offers a bunch of 4th of July-themed lead generation forms to help you grow your list quickly.

Automizely Marketing - Lead generation form
Automizely Marketing - Lead generation form

Email marketing

Email marketing can help eCommerce businesses expand their reach, boost their conversion rates, and increase sales. In addition to that, adding coupons to your email marketing campaigns is a great idea. Not only does it encourage your existing customers to return, but it also attracts new ones to engage with your products.

Leverage Automizely Marketing’s professionally designed newsletter templates with discount codes or coupons and give your customers a reason to buy again.

Automizely Marketing - Email template
Automizely Marketing - Email template

Free shipping

For all the convenience that online shopping brings, the cost of shipping can still be a pain point for consumers. A report from FedEx states that 73% of consumers want free shipping at checkout.

While offering free shipping shrinks your profit margins, it also helps drive more profits altogether with considerably low abandoned carts.

Automizely Marketing - Free shipping email template
Automizely Marketing - Free shipping email template

Cart recovery

Cart abandonment is a big problem. It is estimated that an average store loses over 75% of sales due to abandoned carts. Having said that, it’s definitely not impossible to reduce your cart abandonment rate. You know customers are already in the decision stage of the sales funnel. They just need a final push to complete the purchase.

Cart recovery popup

Using a cart recovery popup is a potential tactic to encourage visitors to complete their purchase when they exit the shopping cart page.

Leverage Automizely Marketing’s eye-catching cart recovery popup templates to get the job done.

Automizely Marketing - Cart recovery popup
Automizely Marketing - Cart recovery popup

Feel free to refer to our detailed help guide on setting up a cart recovery popup.

Cart recovery sticky coupon bar

In addition to the popup, you can also nudge your customers with an irresistible offer right before they leave your website.

With Automizely Marketing’s sticky coupon bar, you can easily customize the text, font size, color, and the display position of the sticky coupon bar.

Automizely Marketing - Sticky coupon bar
Automizely Marketing - Sticky coupon bar

Create a sense of urgency

We’re all familiar with the fear of missing an amazing opportunity. No one wants to look back and say, “What if?”

Smart marketers always tap into this anxiety among customers to great effect.

You can use a countdown timer in your popups or emails to instill FOMO (Fear of missing out) in your target audience and encourage them to jump on an amazing opportunity you’re serving up.

Try Automizely Marketing’s beautiful countdown timer popups that let you match your branding with customized messages and colors and just take a few clicks to set up.

Automizely Marketing - Countdown timer popup
Automizely Marketing - Countdown timer popup

We hope these strategies can help you amplify your sales this year.

Timing, diversity, and personalization in your promotional campaigns will remain crucial to set your brand apart from the competition.

If you don’t have an Automizely Marketing account yet, register today and enjoy a 7-day free trial comprising all the advanced marketing features to boost your sales this season.