In this 21st century, product reviews play a pivotal role in building a brand’s credibility and boosting sales growth. The reason being is we generally check product reviews before making a purchase decision. And it feels perfectly alright because we all wish to buy the best products while shopping online.

In short, product reviews determine what decision potential customers will make!

Automizely Reviews is known for importing a multitude of reviews from AliExpress quickly. Now, it ensures that users can import reviews from a CSV file without breaking a sweat 🤟

Why should I import reviews from a CSV file when AliExpress is there?
Of course, importing reviews from AliExpress is much easier, but there are times when you don’t find relevant or enough positive reviews on it. In such a situation, having a well-developed CSV file seems like the best alternative.

5 easy steps to import product reviews from a CSV file

  1. Log in to your Automizely Reviews account
  2. Go to the ‘Import reviews’ option placed under the ‘Collect reviews’ tab
  3. Look for the ‘Import from CSV file’ option and download the CSV template

4. Enter all the required details in the CSV template and then upload your file to Automizely Reviews    

5. Tick the checkbox to publish all reviews and then hit the ‘Import’ button to finish the process.

How would I differentiate reviews imported from AliExpress and my CSV file?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything because the source of reviews will be shown to you automatically. For example:

For any other help, please go through this help article or chat with our support team right away ✌️