In this digital era, people are in awe of e-commerce brands because they enjoy a vast range of products and exclusive discounts while shopping. For new online brands, it is quite challenging to compete with the established ones because their website visitors hesitate to make a purchase decision.


Trusting a new brand isn’t easy, as concerns related to product quality, delivery time, etc. revolve in the back of prospects’ minds.  

What’s the solution?

Customer reviews!

Positive reviews from current customers speak volumes about the brand’s credibility and also assure prospects that they are going to get genuine products on the promised date and time.

Here are a few statistics to understand the significance of customer reviews:

  • 97% of online shoppers consider customer reviews before making a buying decision
  • 93% of potential customers check out reviews to judge the brand’s reputation
  • Products with good reviews are 190% more likely to be purchased, and this likelihood gets doubled in the case of luxury products

How’s Automizely Reviews going to help my business?

With Automizely Reviews, you can do many amazing things:

  • Import unlimited reviews from AliExpress effortlessly to ensure social proof for prospects 💪
  • Control which product reviews you want to display on your store and which ones you’d like to keep to yourself 😉
  • Display star ratings under your best products to boost profit growth 👍

How can I enable ‘Review’ and ‘Star Rating’ widgets in Automizely Reviews?

It’s super easy!

For the ‘Review’ widget:

For the ‘Star rating’ widget:

  • Scroll down a bit further to find the ‘Activate star rating widget’ option and then enable it

For more information, take a quick tour of our help center or directly connect with our support team for swift answers 🤟

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