Do you want to design a customer-centric website that helps your visitors take actions that produce your desired results?

If yes, it’s time to discover unlimited possibilities with Automizely Page Builder’s custom code editor that allows you to easily insert key functionalities that are relevant to your business and brand.

But before that, let’s take a look at how adding a custom code is relevant to your business and website.

Benefits of using a custom code in your website pages

  • Integrate features and codes to your product according to your requirements
  • Add forms, videos, questionnaires, and more
  • It helps you deliver a better user experience
  • Gives your website a personalized touch
  • Helps visitors in navigating the site easily and take actions
  • Minimizes the use of third party components and add-ons

How to access the “Custom code” section?

You can seamlessly add custom code to your website pages in a few easy steps:

  • Log in to your Automizely Page Builder account
  • Pick a page that you want to edit
  • Go to “Add section” option
  • Click “Open code editor”
  • A popup window will appear where you can easily set your custom code in the form of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Liquid

Note: Code in Liquid and Javascript language will not appear in real-time, and you have to save the page to preview/view the live page. Additionally, if you have input the code in the wrong format, it will be highlighted in red.

Feel free to reach out to our support team 24/7 for quick assistance if you face any issues or need help regarding this feature.