Sales referrals are among the best and most effective ways to get new leads and potential clients for your business. In simple terms, it allows you to leverage the trust you have built with your existing customers by getting potential referrals that would be interested in your products and brand. These sales leads typically have a much higher conversion rate as compared to the sales leads that you generate from other lead generation methods.

An effective referral marketing strategy lets you get introduced to new potential customers via a friend that brings the benefit of trust right at the start of the relationship.

Introducing Customized Rewards Notification Email

To give you the complete power and control to customize your reward notifications the way you want, Automizely Loyalty has recently released the new ‘Rewards email’ feature easily accessible from your Automizely Loyalty account. Let’s take you through the benefits that the feature brings along.

What’s in store for you?

  • Boost your email open rate and click rate by customizing the subject line of your rewards notification emails
  • Ensure a visual foundation of your brand entity by adding your business logo
  • Personalize your emails and build brand trust by choosing your preferred sender name and sender email
  • Generate more targeted traffic to your ecommerce store and boost customer retention and customer loyalty seamlessly
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs effortlessly by reaching out to new potential customers through existing ones
  • Increase your overall sales volume by getting easy referral sales through reward notifications

How to set up a reward notification email?

  • Log in to your Automizely Loyalty account
  • Click on the ‘Email’ tab to enter into the Rewards email section
  • You will get three settings under the section to customize your reward email, namely - Subject, Logo, Sender Info
  • From the ‘Subject’ settings, you can customize your email subject lines
  • Include your business logo from the ‘Logo’ settings
  • Choose ‘Sender name’ and ‘Send from’ from the ‘Sender Info’ settings

You are all set to give your referral sales a significant boost by completely customizing your referral rewards notification email.

To get more information on how to set up your rewards notification emails, feel free to refer to our help article on this topic.